The messaging app designed to enhance your well-being

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Choose to protect your time.

You choose who can message you, how often, and when. If you want to receive messages from your family everyday, and from acquaintances just once a week, you can make that choice.

And, if you want to stop receiving messages from work during the weekend, and release them on Monday morning, you can.

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Scientifically proven to enhance your well being.

Science has proven that you'll feel more relaxed and peaceful when you limit the number of times you check for messages to two or three times per day. Your anxiety and stress levels will shrink dramatically.

You'll feel more peaceful, relaxed, and free. That's the point of Smartt Messenger

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Smartt Messenger is designed to protect your data.

  • Smartt Messenger is advertising-free, which means we won't sell your data.
  • Your data is encrypted, which means we can't read it or analyze it, so your privacy is protected.
  • You choose who can find you in Smartt Messenger’s search, and how. Choose if you want to be found by your name, username, email, phone number, or just a unique link that you share. You're in control.